Metabo MAG 28 Cordless Mag Drill Review


If you’re in the market for a cordless magnetic drill press than you’ll want to strongly consider the Metabo Mag 28. This is by far one of the best cordless mag drills you’ll get for the price. We’ve tested many Metabo drills in the past and have loved the quality and design from top to bottom.

Most Mag drills are corded and require a power hookup. This is not ideal for everyone and requires users to have to carry a generator where ever they work. Metabo has resolved this problem by creating a battery operated mag drill. The Mag 28 has two batteries, one to operate the drill and another to operate the magnet. The batteries them selves hold a good charge and can be used to drill multiple whole. If you’re planning to use this machine to drill holes all day long than extra backup batteries will be required.

What We Like

  • Plenty of power for being battery operated
  • Has a built in cooling system
  • Great hold on the magnet (This is a safety feature to us. No one wants a drill to land on their foot drilling a horizontal hole)
  • Nice handle on the back that balances the weight well while carrying
  • The Metabo brand name. Huge fan of these drills!

What We Do Not Like

  • The price tag (cordless mag drills are more expensive than corded ones)
  • No extra batteries included (We hoped they would throw in extras! Looks like we gotta buy them separately.

More Information

The rare earth magnet used in this machine offers about 2,500lbs of holding force, and the user can adjust its positioning simply while drilling various horizontal, vertical or sloped surfaces. The magnetic base is designed in a prism shape, so it can be flexibly used in pipeline applications and steel construction projects as well.

This magnetic drill can be used with spiral drills, annular cutters and countersinks, providing a maximum drilling diameter of 1/2 inch in spiral drilling and 1 1/4inch in annular drilling. The machine provides a maximum drilling depth of 2 inches. The machine works in a 25.2 V Lithium-Ion battery. An advanced coolant system is used in the machine which keeps it cool even during its peak performance. I have not ever seen such a smooth drill press that provides complete portability features.


Other Technical Information

  • Product weight is 49.2lbs

  • Voltage or capacity is 25.2 V/3.0 Ah

  • Provides a maximum stroke of 6 to 5/16 inches

  • Safety strap protection when working on vertical surfaces or overhead

  • Spare battery pack which can be stored at drill machine stand

  • Two speed gear box for flexible drilling

  • Overload protection

About the Company

Metabo Corporation is an international manufacturing company, providing top quality, professional grade portable electric tools and abrasives for various construction, industrial and welding applications. Headquartered in Nurtingen, Germany, the company focuses on developing innovative electric tools using the latest electronic circuitry and design advancements. With Metabo MAG 28 LTX, they have introduced world’s first cordless magnetic drilling press.

Warranty Information

Metabo is one of the best service providers who back their products with longtime multi-year warranty periods. With their three year extended warranty period, I got my investment protected for a long period of time.


I have found this first-to-market drilling machine a useful and powerful option that fulfills all my cordless work application needs and it’s definitively worth the cost.


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