Review of The Hougen HMD904S 115-Volt Swivel Base Mag Drill


The Swivel Base Magnetic Drill is the most convenient drilling equipment for medium and DIY activities. With over 15 years of acquaintance with tools and equipments at work, I found that this is one of the most convenient tools to use for regular work purposes. Equipped with 120V motor, this drilling machine has full potentiality to provide great results when at work with around 450 Rpm. I personally found the tool very useful and above all extremely safe for use. The safety switch with green and red light options guides the user about the condition of the machine. With ace quality Rotabroach cutters and ¾-inch shank, this drill machine is ideal for making holes in the most concrete and hard objects and surfaces and metals.

About Hougen Manufacturing Inc.

Hougen Manufacturing is a premier company producing excellent quality Rotabroach Cutters, Magnetic Drills, and Annular Cutter machines. This family owned and operated business is based in Swartz Creek Michigan. The company has acquired a decent reputation as the most elegant tools and machinery-manufacturing unit for selling excellent machinery and spare parts for over 50 years.

Hougen Swivell Base Magnetic Drill- Features and Specifications

To provide optimum performance, the Rotabroach cutters have been attached to the Hougen drill machine. The Hougen Magnetic Drill equipment is featured with a specially engineered safety switch indicator that will create an alert to tell the user when the lift sensor is working. The ergonomically designed controls are positioned at the rear end for convenient usage. The pint coolant is also provided with this magnetic drill model to provide long duration performance and keep the machine in perfect condition. The handle comes with a single stroke locking and unlocking facility for convenient operating.

Design and Weight

The Hougen Magnetic Drill equipment has a very compact design and lightweight body of around 40 pounds. Designed for medium duty and economical drilling work, this portable machine is suitable for drilling holes of 12mm-38mm. The feed handles are featured with eased mobility that allows the operator to switch them to either side as per requirement. The Swivel area is 1-1/8 inch wide x 1-3/8 inch long to provide a perfect drilling up to 2 inches deep.


The Hougen Swivel Base Magnetic Drill is the product that you can trust. The company offers one year warranty on the product validated from the purchase date. Therefore, the buyers in their own interest should maintain the invoice and guarantee card provided with the product while purchasing. This Magnetic Drill equipment manufactured by Hougen Manufacturing Inc is tested for all technical issues and approved before sending it to the selling partners. In case of any inconvenience, improper functioning of the magnetic drill or faulty part issues, always consider contacting the authorized service centers of the company. The contact details of the authorized Hougen service centers and other details are available online. Consider reading the detailed online description of the product for better understanding. To find the information just enter the product name and model number on your web browser for more information. 

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