Review of The G&J Hall Tool PB1000E Powerbor Drill Press


Whenever I use Powerbor electromagnetic drill press for my fabrication activities, I often realize this product as a right tool for me, with its completely smooth operation. The Powerbor PB1000E is a powerful drilling machine having a total power of 1795 W. With the powerful motor unit along with an exceptional cutting capacity of 4” plus, this drilling machine can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

About G&J Hall Tools

G&J Hall Tools is a leading company in USA, providing specialized tools for industrial as well as personal engineering requirements. The company offers a variety of quality tools including electromagnetic drilling machines, annual cutters, hand tools, electrician tools and related accessories. Designed using innovative technology, all the products ensure top quality, supported by proven and responsive service.

A complete Drill Press with Powerful Features

Powerbor PB1000E electromagnetic drill press provides me a completely flexible choice of tool for quick and efficient metal cutting either in my workshop or on-site works. Equipped with variable speed options the tool is very useful on difficult deep-hole or large cutter applications, no matter whether it is a general engineering or metal fabrication work or tough tasks such as highway and bridge maintenance, offshore pipelines and rigs and refineries and so on. The PB1000E comes with a full range of standard features.

This drilling press is specially designed with dual carrying handles to enhance its smooth operation. The reversible handles provide more control and stability in restrictive conditions. Strongly improved magnet ensures maximum adhesion capability in every drilling. Control panel in the drilling unit is situated conveniently that enables driller to efficiently control the drilling process. Tangle free, corrosive resistant cable to the unit is another good feature to note. The whole drill press unit comes with a protective carrying case along with cutting fluid, safety strap/safety guard and a folding or locking hex key drill set.

Product Specifications

  • The total power of the product is 1795W with a motor power 1700W

  • Drill press can run at four speeds including 110, 175, 345 and 385 rpm.

  • The cutter capacity is up to 4” and drilling capacity is 1.1/4”.

  • The overall height and width of the product is 18.7/8” and 4.1/4”.

  • Product weight is around 55lbs

Warranty Information

Another good thing is that the company provides a complete 12 month guarantee period for the Powerbor Electromagnetic drill press. If the product gets failed within this specified period, the company will repair or replace the product and deliver it back to the customer at free of cost.

A full range of replacement spares and accessories are offered by the company is a plus as well. The Powerbor drill press specific accessories available include drill chucks, Weldon shank arbors, Morse taper arbors, keys and drifts, step drills, extension arbors, chuck adaptors, drill taps and additional accessories.


Powerbor PB1000E is a good product at its price range. If it is well maintained and properly operated, this electromagnetic drilling machine can go a long way in helping us to meet our work schedules. I found it very useful in many drilling applications where power and reliability really matter.

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