Champion AC35 RotoBrute Portable Magnetic Drill Review


This Portable Magnetic Drill Press is a fantastic piece of a tool that works great when you need to drill holes to precise measurements. Its application extends to basically anywhere that precision in cutting, or drilling is required. The magnetic drilling unit is generally used in industries like construction, mining and where plenty of welding work is done. It is also used in refineries and building of ships and other vehicles. Heavy duty construction like building or maintaining bridges, steel fabrication and manufacturing units of trucks or its trailers are areas where this portable magnetic drill press tool can be really useful. Having used it in construction it can be easily recommended as one of the best types of magnetic drilling equipments.

What Do You You Gain By Using The Champion Cutting Tool AC35?

  • It has a quick release Arbor that enables the changing of the cutter in less than a few seconds. It takes just the least possible time required for removing a cutter and installing a new one making it possible to get the work done quickly.

  • It is able to cut all types of metals including Ferrous as well as non-ferrous ones.

  • You can use it in any position and it will do the job just as effectively because of the magnetic strength being so powerful. So hold it vertically or horizontally, its performance remains perfect!

  • The size and the thickness of the material that needs cutting is not a concern for the Champion Cutting Tool AC35 as it is able to drill holes from 1 to 1/16″ in metal sheets that have thickness up to 1 to 1/4″ right up to ½” holes in ¼” steel sheets that are thick and heavily built.

Features That Make the Cutting Told Dependable

  • The magnetic strength of the cutting tool is approximately 2200 pounds, making it really powerful.

  • The tool is equipped with a high torque generated by the motor that is about 1200 watts.

  • It has a high speed of 600 pounds when it is not loaded.

  • With dimensions that measure 23 x 14.5 x 10.5 inches, the weight of the AC35 RotoBrute magnetic drill press is 38.6 pounds

Built to endure any amount of drilling pressure, the Champion Cutting Tool is indeed a cutter with tolerance for precisions and accuracy. What really makes the unit such a safe option to use as a cutter is that there is a chain for safety. In case of power failure or outage, it keeps the unit steady and allows it to remain balanced.

This magnetic drill press cutting tool is a boon when working in the construction industry where things need to be done fast but above all precisions needs to be maintained. Work in the construction industry usually depends on such tools for accurate drilling of holes and cutting of metal sheets. Since it comes with a case to make it easily portable, you can carry it along, wherever you want to.  

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