TOP 5 Best Magnetic Drills of 2017

portable magnetic drill on beamWelcome to your premier source for reviews of the best magnetic drills currently on the market. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to choose a mag drill that will suit your needs and get the job done.

Here our site will give you the cold hard truth because let’s face it if a drill doesn’t work right it’s worthless and not worth having on your garage. We’ve compiled a list below based on multiple categories. We’ve tested as many drills as possible to compile this list and these are the best preforming drills that we could find out there. For more customer reviews click on the star rating by each unit. This helps many buyers get a better idea of how these mag drills are being used by other buyers and their experiences.

First determine what type of magnetic drill you are looking for..

  • battery operated or corded

This right away will direct you to which units you should be looking at on our top 5 list. This list we have compiled in our opinion are the best and you will not be disappointed in your purchase if you do choose to pull the trigger. Click on the “More Info” button or the review titles to view the Amazon page where we found the best price for these items.


Top Pick #1 Best Overall

Metabo MAG 28 LTX 25.2- Volt Cordless Mag Drill 5 Star Rating

First on the list is the Metabo MAG 28 which we have awarded the “best all around” simply because it’s one hell of a drill for the money. Once you use a battery powered mag drill the old days of plugging in a cord will make you cry like a baby (ok not really, maybe that’s just me!). The Metabo is incredibly powerful, has a strong magnet, and it great for any quick drilling job. The build quality is great and on par with the price tag of this drill. This drill is more expensive than most, but you get what you pay for. We really enjoyed being able to use this drill anywhere without needing a generator. After much discussion we concluded that this drill would be the first we grab out of all of our test units if we had a job we needed to complete.. Full Review»

Type: Rechargeable (Cordless)

Brand: Metabo

Magnet Adhesion: 2500 lbs.



Jancy USA-101 Portable Mag-Base 120V Drill 4.5 star Rating

Okay, so let’s say you want a mag drill, but don’t want to break the bank. Well we considered this idea and set out to find the best budget unit we could. When finding a budget unit we made sure that the tool itself still had all the same required functionality, but cut out a few of the bells and whistles to reduce the price. The Jancy USA-101 won our “best budget” category because the drill is well built, has good power and a good holding magnet. When buying a budget tool in general you want to make sure the quality and functionality is still there otherwise it’s worthless. We tested the Jancy and it surprised us how much punch it had and how well it was built. We can definitely recommend it. Full Review»

Type: Corded

Brand: Jancy USA

Magnet Adhesion: 1480 lbs.



G&J Hall Tool PB1000E Powerbor Drill  Press 4-Inch Capacity Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 10.34.19 PM

If you’re looking for the powerhouse of the bunch look no further. The G&J PB1000E is the most powerful unit we tested out of all of our mag drills. This baby packs a hell of a punch and can really fly though any job you throw at it. We awarded this unit our “Best performance” category because there is simply no stopping this machine. This is a corded unit and it fairly heavy compared to some of the other units, but it’s worth it. The button layout was easy to use and the magnet held really well. Drill felt really solid and was heavy. You can’t go wrong with purchasing this drill if you’re looking for some serious power… Full Review»

Type: Corded

Brand: G&J

Magnet Adhesion: 4400 lbs.




Hougen HMD904S 115-Volt Swivel Base Mag Drill3.5 Stars

We couldn’t help but put the Hougen HMD904S in our top 5 list because it performed really well in our stress tests. This drill was very compact, but still had a great amount of power. We liked the button layout and was overall it was very easy to use. What’s amazing about this unit is that the price tag is fairly low and yet it performs almost just as well as the most expensive unit we tested. While this unit may not be the most powerful, it is definitely a quality drill that will get the job done and not break the bank. This is our opinion was the 4th best drill out of all of our test units… Full Review»

Type: Corded

Brand: Hougen

Magnet Adhesion: 1240 lbs.



Champion AC35 RotoBrute Portable Magnetic Drill Press4.5 Stars

The Champion AC35 hold a special place in my heart (no really it does!) because it was the first mag drill I ever purchased for my own workshop and I can vouch for it’s power and durability. This baby has been through hell and back without failing a single time. I have burned multiple bits though this machine and have used it on so many jobs from drilling holes through truck frames to drilling holes for my new vice to be mounted on my metal work bench. This drill has been a great tool and with all of my experience using it I had to put it in our top 5. This baby is worth the purchase if it can withstand my usage…Full Review»

Type: Corded

Brand: Champion

Magnet Adhesion: 2200 lbs.


Things to Consider When Purchasing A Magnetic Drill

When purchasing a magnetic drill there are a few aspects that you must pay attention to in order to insure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

  1. You need to buy the appropriate size: Bigger is not always better when it comes to magnetic drills. First consider what you will be using it for and how heavy it is. If you can’t fit the drill in your work space it’s not worth going big. Also if you’re using it multiple times a day to drill you will want to invest in a lighter weight unit if possible.
  2. The drill has to be name brand: Don’t settle for anything that isn’t a name brand. I can’t tell you how many piece of junk drills that I’ve used that literally fall apart on the job. Invest your money wisely!
  3. Don’t break the bank on your purchase: Purchase what you can afford and using the remaining money to invest in new drill bits and other accessories that will make your job easier.

If you find a drill that satisfies all three of these points above you are sure to have a good experience. Mag drills are a fantastic tool to have and can be used on all sort of jobs. The old days of prying your traditional drill with a bar against your drilling surface are over! Be sure to do your research and find one that really suits you! I hope this guide has helped everyone out and if you have any questions please visit our Contact Us page and we will be sure to respond! Thank You!

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